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We offer a range of scheduled maintenance inspections, preventive testing and analysis to keep your mechanical systems running at optimal effeciency and reliability.

We also offer scheduled preventive maintenance that’s designed to minimize downtime and equipment failure.

Kitec Pipe Replacement

 What is Kitec?

Kitec Pipe 1995-2007

The piping of your Toronto house or condo might be Kitec if it was built or renovated between 1995-2007. One way to check is to inspect piping under your bathroom or kitchen sink. The pipe itself may be marked Kitec or fitting rings might be marked XPA. Some believe Kitec piping lifespan is about 15 years while others believe it is closer to 10 years. It is believed that the fittings contain high levels of zinc which corrodes and breaks down causing leaks and water damage.

ABM Plumbing & Heating Services Inc. will do the complete replacement of Kitec, paint match, paint, tile repairs and do a basic clean up after work has been completed. We replace the Kitec piping with Uponor tubing which is a leading product in the plumbing industry.

Additionally to the Kitec piping found in the industry, there are actually 10 different types of brand names that could be found in the field that are plagued by the same problems.

You may look for the following labels on your piping at home:
KERR Controls
Plomberie Amelioree
Also in addition to the piping systems there are the brass fittings that will be labelled in either:
ATSM F1974
CSA B137.9/10

The estimated cost to replace Kitec piping (including drywall & tile repairs) ranges from $4,500.00 to $7,500.00.

What Makes Us Unique?

Uponor pipe example

We have been working in the condominium industry for over 20 years. We specialize in high-rise buildings and have made strong relationships with property managers and management companies throughout the GTA.  Kitec Replacement projects are straight forward for our team of professional technicians because they understand the layout and piping configuration of your unit and common element piping system.  Please feel free to contact us today for a free quotation. We will inspect your piping and explain the process to you from start to finish.

Domestic Hot and Cold Water Services

-Domestic water riser, recirculation line and branch line replacement

-Domestic hot water boiler room re-pipes

-Removal and replacement of Kitec® piping with PEX or Wirsbro plastic piping

-Mixing valve service and replacement (Leonard, Lawler, Powers, Symmons, Watts, Apollo)

-Riser and domestic water recirculation valve replacement

-Hot and cold water cross-over investigation and solutions

-Troubleshooting poor circulation issues

-Troubleshooting low and lack of hot water in risers

-Tracing and repair of pinhole leaks on domestic water

-Service and replacement of Pressure reducing valves (Cla-val, Watts, Singer, Willkins)

-Installation , replacement and service of water heaters (Gas and electric)

Drain Cleaning Services

-Kitchen horizontal and vertical stack snaking and pressure washing, combining cable and head


-strength with high-pressure cleaning

-Clean-out installation

-Video drain inspection

-Troubleshooting slow and backing-up drains on kitchen, bathroom and main drains

-Clearing of kitchen and bathroom drain blockages and back-ups

-Cleaning of storm and sanitary pit drains, trench drains, settling chambers, area drains, fresh air shafts and catch basins etc.

-Underground drain pipe locating, complete with depth finder capabilities 

-Drain pipe replacement

Backflow Prevention Services

-Backflow preventer installation, including engineer drawings and permits, in compliance with City of Toronto and other municipalities

-Premise isolation backflow preventer testing and reporting, in compliance with City of Toronto and other by-laws

In-Suite Repairs and Services

We offer a full range of in-suite plumbing repair services to Property Management (charge backs to owners) or to Unit Owners directly on an individual, COD basis.

-Unit-to-unit leak investigation and repairs

-Toilet repair and replacement

-All fixture and faucet repair and replacement

-Bathtub replacement

-Shower drain and liner replacement

-Dishwasher, washer and drying installation

-Drainage service and repairs

Heating and Cooling Services

– Total heating/cooling riser replacement

– Partial heating/cooling riser replacement

– Removal and replacement of expansion joints/loops

– Solutions for bent, shifting heating/cooling risers

– Fan coil replacement

– Fan coil repairs, including motor, thermostat and aquastat replacement

– Fan coil troubleshooting

– Noise troubleshooting

– Pumps and circulators (service , installation and troubleshooting)

– Riser flushing

– Replacement of 2,3 way valves and actuators

– Installation of automatic air eliminators

– Balancing valve replacement

Underground Parking Services

– Sump pump replacement (stormand sanitary pump repair, replacement, re-piping and cleaning)

– Sump pump troubleshooting, float switches and control panel

– Cast iron drain piping repair and replacement

– Full range of drain cleaning, maintenance and repairs

– Catch basins cleaning

– Area drain cleaning

– Sump pump pit cleaning

Emergency Services

We are standing by 24/7 to attend to building management emergency plumbing and heating demands. Simply call our emergency number, identify yourself and you will be attended to by our live dispatch service immediately.

-Leaks and floods

-Water main breaks

-Frozen and burst pipes

-Drain backups

-“No heat” calls

-“No hot water” calls

-Backflow preventer repairs (Watts, Apollo- Combraco, Willkins,)

– All internal backflow preventer installation, testing and repairs

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